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Thornberry Visits GTM Plant in Amarillo

GTM CEO Ken Kelley GTM CEO Ken Kelley

A local manufacturing plant using new energy technology has caught the attention of our area congressman. Mac Thornberry was in Amarillo Thursday touring the GTM plant. He says the plant will help solve energy problems.

Congressman Thornberry says what he saw today at the manufacturing plant is a step in the right direction for easing the energy crisis.

He says he encourages all kinds of different energy production, and GTM is a stepping stone. GTM stands for global transport module, which the CEO says is revolutionizing the energy industry by utilizing the modules to conveniently transport gases like hydrogen and helium.   CEO Ken Kelley says, "we transport gases economically and provide clean burning fuel at half the price of diesel and gasoline for vehicles."

Thornberry says this kind of technology can make a lot of headway, providing certain people do not act as roadblocks. He says "there are answers to solving these problems, and what they're doing here is amazing. But first congress needs to stay out of it."

Thornberry says we will hear a lot more about energy in the coming weeks. The congressman also recently was able to get about 50 co-sponsors on what he calls the "No Excuses Energy Ect." 

Drilling into our own reserves and building new refineries on American soil are both suggestions outlined in the energy bill.

Thornberry says something must be done soon to ease our dependence on foreign oil. He says those in Washington have been pointing fingers at oil companies when congress is who is making it worse.

Thornberry says there is no magic answer to fixing our energy problems, but says his bill offers a common sense approach to easing the crisis.

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