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Meals On Wheels Hurt By High Gas Prices

Volunteer HelenMarr Johannesen Volunteer HelenMarr Johannesen
Executive Director Marsha Fox Executive Director Marsha Fox

High gas prices are preventing drivers from volunteering their time and vehicles to help out one local charity that relies on their services.

Some local volunteers say their commitment is greater than the cost of gas. Now, more people than ever are in need of the food meals on wheels provides but it's costing volunteers a lot more to get the food to them.  

Volunteer HelenMarr Johannesen is not letting the price of fuel slow her down. "I get to see friends and I've even become a better driver I make a circle tour" she says. Volunteers from the Amarillo Meals on Wheels deliver meals to close to 10 elderly or homebound clients. The high price of gas is forcing some volunteer's to make some changes in their routes.  Johannesen while joking says takes a city tour, "I leave from 34th and bell go to the hospital... Maybe 20 miles".

Meals on wheels organizers say they are trying to lighten the load for drivers while encouraging more people to volunteer. Executive Director Marsha Fox explains how they are helping, "Group our meal routes by neighborhood. Avoid going back and forth to be more concise and maximize their vehicle expense".

Even with high gas prices affecting some area meals on wheels. Volunteers say they are committed to making their deliveries. Johannesen says, " Oh no! church and meals on wheels... I'd never give up. Those are things that are just so important in my life. Fox agrees that volunteers build bonds and friendships with their clients. "Your clients become your friends. You just try to help no matter what" Fox explains.

Meals on Wheels is finding it harder to recruit volunteers because of the high gas prices. But organizers say it only takes a few hours one day out the week. If your interested call Meals on Wheels at 374-1521.

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