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Minimum Wage Costing Consumers

Acapulco Restaurant Manager Humberto Albarran Acapulco Restaurant Manager Humberto Albarran

Minimum wage is on the rise... Forcing some local restaurants to make changes now that could end up costing you. Minimum wage workers will soon see close to a dollar more in their hourly wages. 

Next month minimum wage will change from $5.85 to $6.55. This may be good for some but with rising prices of just about everything from gas, rent and food. Some restaurants are being forced to make changes now.

Acapulco Restaurant Manager Humberto Albarran says they've seen prices increasing in the restaurant industry. "We did increase some of the prices on some items, but not all of them just some" he said.

He is happy to see workers get the wage boost, Albarran says "I think it's good it's okay it's been a while since we had one.

With the anticipation over the wage increase lingering. Other changes could happen which could cost customers more at their favorite restaurant. "We might have to increase some of the items on food prices. I hope not. I hope we keep the same prices on everything." he said.

Restaurant Patrons say they are willing to pay the price for good food and service. Customer Michael Duff says, "The people have to be paid and with gas prices, cost of living. They need to get minimum wage up. I'd still be willing to go to the restaurants for the prices even if it goes up".

Other customers agree, Margie Ray says she loves Acalupolco. "I come here for the good quality, delicious food. Everything is so nice I would pay the price,"she explains.

Next year you can expect to see the same changes take place. Minimum wage is expected to go up to $7.25 next July.

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