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Riddle Me This Comments: Danica Patrick

RIDDLE ME THIS-Danica Patrick

Women cry out to be treated equally, demanding to be viewed the
same as their male counterparts. Racing - IRL, NASCAR, NHRA, name it - has
bred adrenaline-fueled aggression between drivers since the day someone
challenged another to race their Model T's. If Danica Patrick acted like a
dainty, overtly gentle "lady" all the time, she would not have realized
the level of success she's attained. NASCAR has all kinds of
beer-sponsored, highly-visible, personalities. Who can most people name
today from IRL, after the long-ago retirements of the Mario Andrettis and
A.J. Foyts? It's Danica Patrick. She needs to be cut some slack for her
mini-tirade, and the goober who collided with her and knocked her out of
the race should be strongly reprimanded in some fashion by league
officials. And then, he'd better keep an eye out for a certain female
driver lurking about with a tire iron.

Gary Engel
Hereford, TX

My opinion is that if Daniaa wants to drive in the races like a
man she can take it like a man. Most men would be mad if that happened to
them, they would confront the other driver. she needs to do it like the
rest of them.

Courtney Hatfield
Claude, Texas

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