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How You Can Help Amarillo Save Water

Right now in Amarillo, we're under voluntary water restriction, but mandatory restriction might become a reality in the near future. The highest water usage in one day for 2008 so far is 63 million gallons.

Once we reach 75 million gallons per day, mandatory restrictions could kick in. The city of Amarillo is handing out water conservation reminders to those businesses who are wasting water. Public Utilities Director Emmitt Autry says "a list of water wasting things like broken sprinkler heads, excessive water into the gutter and that kind of thing with just a polite message on it asking them to please conserve water. Its important that they conserve."

The businesses that receive these reminders will be ones that the city has received complaints about from concerned residents. If you are one of those concerned Amarillo Residents, NewsChannel 10 has a way for your voice to be heard. We've all seen it driving down the road... Sprinklers running in the rain, sprinklers on in the heat of the day when half of the water gets evaporated before it even hits the ground...and now there's something you can do about it.

We've set up a new feature on our website, called Water Wasters. Here's how it works. When you notice a business around town wasting water, take a picture of it and then email it to us at Once we get the pictures, then it's time to do some investigating. After that, we'll report our water waster findings on NewsChannel 10 and

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