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Dollars Ready to Blow Into 5 Panhandle Counties

Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner
T. Boone Pickens, Mesa Power T. Boone Pickens, Mesa Power

Area school districts and counties will see millions of dollars flowing into their budget within the next decade.

That's what the economic report released by Mesa Power said today.

Mesa Power is the company run by T. Boone Pickens, planning on building the largest wind farm in the nation. 

Fifteen hundred jobs, and billions of dollars will start to blow around Roberts, Gray, Wheeler, Hemphill and Carson counties.

That's what Mesa Power announced today at a public meeting in Pampa.

A long term project that promises to bring a huge economic boost.

"It's a huge benefit because the whole project's gonna cost about 10 billion dollars," said Pickens.

"This is the best thing to happen to rural texas since oil and gas came to Texas," said Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commissioner.

65 million dollars will reportedly be paid to landowners for lease payments. Some people have already begun receiving portions of that money.

"We start receiving turbines 2 years from now. Summer of 2010 and I think we'll have the first 1,000 mega watts on line by the end of 2011," said Pickens.

By 2025 school districts could add four billion dollars to their tax rolls.

Revenues for the five counties could amount to an estimated 26 million per year.

"Here in the panhandle it's a huge boom for economic development and jobs. It's a great opportunity for this part of Texas to have some good news," Patterson said.

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