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Sex Offender Licenses

Randall Sims, 47th District Attorney Randall Sims, 47th District Attorney
Terry Easterling, Community Protection Supervisor Terry Easterling, Community Protection Supervisor

This evening legislators are keeping an eye on a new system to identify sex offenders through their licenses.

Tennessee is adding a special way for all law enforcement to call back to dispatch and see if someone is a sex offender through their license number... Just like running a warrant check.

Texas has a similar system... Though not all law enforcement agencies get the information the same way.

Computers Amarillo Police have inside their cruisers allow them to see if the person is a offender.

47th District Attorney, Randall Sims says, "They have the remote terminals in the car, they do it from the car, it does pop up and show and identify the person to the officer as a registered sex offender."

Sims says the counties do not have the exact same devices. Meaning some officers may have to call dispatch to get a check run... Taking time and not being as effective.

Though Sims does not think an idea being bounced around, to stamp an ID with a sex offender title, works either.

Community Protection Supervisor Terry Easterling says, "we are making it harder and harder for sex offenders to be out in the public and even if they are trying to do what they are suppose to be doing, we are making it very difficult for the offenders to succeed. Meaning changing the behavior that lead to it being an offense. I'm not saying "oh boo hoo" or feeling real sorry for sex offenders out there but my concern is we want them to be stable we want them to be able and make the changes they need to make, because they are out there. That's the bottom line."

Both Easterling and Sims pointed out Texas has an open system for residents to track sex offenders... On the Texas Ddepartment of Public Safety website.

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