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Amarillo Travelers Want Luxury

T.J. Sarkaria, local hotel owner T.J. Sarkaria, local hotel owner
Eric Milller, Amarillo  Chamber of Commerce Eric Milller, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

This summer tourism may not be as vibrant as last year due to the poor economy. But the need for luxury hotels is looking good for developers.

That's what the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and local hotel owners are saying.

Several new hotels are completed or nearing completion along I-40 but they are not for travelers on a budget.

Today NewsChannel 10 spoke with one of those hotel owners who plans to open a second luxury hotel next month.

T.J. Sarkaria tells us he has been studying this market for years and high end hotels are what travelers want.

"The city when everyone's taking steps to make sure amarillo is looking prettier and nicer, you're building better markets, better malls, better brands are coming in and that was our intention to keep up with the beast and we want to keep the standard high.

Although the city has about a 65% room occupancy rate Sarkaria says he has no trouble selling his rooms.

"We've not had issues where we can't fill a room and we've got such a big hotel no, it's not been a concern. I think we've done our study well enough to realize that yes we can probably support the market and our money is being spent well.

The tourism department of the Chamber of Commerce says the luxury hotels are a good move for our economy.

"Amarillo's a value city compared to down state and i think it will continue to be a value city. But if you can charge a little bit more that goes into the city coffers. It goes into someone's pay check it goes into the city's tax coffers, whatever and i think that's important," says Eric Milller.  

Since January of 2007 four hotels have opened with a total of 429 new rooms...117 more rooms will be available next month.

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