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Panhandle Residents Honor the Fallen

Veteran Peter Shugar Veteran Peter Shugar
Navy Mom Nell Stevens Navy Mom Nell Stevens

More than two hundred Panhandle residents came out on Monday to honor those in the military.

For many of us, Memorial Day means cookouts and a long weekend, but to those at the Texas Panhandle War Memorial, it means so much more. No doubt you heard the phrase Happy Memorial Day at least once on Monday, and it might seem like an oxymoron...especially since it's a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

But one Vietnam Era veteran we spoke with says Happy Memorial Day is is a day not for sadness, but a day to celebrate living in what he calls the greatest country on earth. When we asked him what Memorial Day means to him, as a vet, he quoted General George Patton. "Freedom has a taste and those that have served know that taste. Those that have never served will never know that taste. "

 A Mother's Wreath was presented at the ceremony, along with roses,  by moms who lost children in battle. Nell Stevens says she's thankful she's not the one presenting the wreath, but as a Navy mom, she knows the emotional hardships of having a child on active duty. "When she's gone, she can call or email until she gets to an area where they can't divulge their location and then I have no contact. I have no idea where she is, if she's okay."

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