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Wheat Shortage

The wheat harvest is just weeks away and Panhandle dryland farmers say this year they came close to declaring a state of disaster.

We have been covering the record high wheat prices and how that will effect your grocery bill.

This evening NewsChannel 10 talked to a local dryland farmer about how much she thinks she can salvage from this years crop.

Allene Stovall says she will harvest less than half of what she did last year.

 "We will probably cut 250 or 300 bushels and we cut 750 last year,we've already disastered out the other."

Stovall says a lack of rain is not the only reason for a poor harvest this year. Stronger than normal winds have been drying out the wheat stripping it dry of any moisture.

This year the Texas Panhandle has seen only two inches of rain, three inches less than the average for this time of year.

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