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Airline Raises Prices Again - This Time For 1st Checked Bag

The price is increasing... It's a phrase you hear almost everywhere these days. And now some airlines will be having you dish out more cash just to get your bags on the plane.

A few weeks ago, American Airlines decided to up their baggage cost to 25 dollars for the second bag... All because of - you guessed it - fuel prices. This week they are raising the ante again. The airlines has decided to now charge passengers for their first bag... 15 dollars in fact.

A local travel agent says that charge is just one way - so if you are headed round trip - it will cost you 30 bucks for a single bag.

Traveler Joanna Been says, "We will be traveling airlines less, everyone will. So whatever they want to go up they are just going to have fewer customers because we are all impacted."

Been says they are taking some extra steps to save all the money they can. "I'm from Houston and we already use buses some times to ship our stuff on ahead."

Here are some things to know before you pay for your bags.

First - one carry on is still free.

Two - if you bought your ticket before May 12th you do not have to pay the first bag fee

Three - the fee will take affect across the board on the 15th.

Experts say some airlines may be following suit... But not all. Delta announced they will not charge passengers for checking bags.

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