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Barbeque Costs Heating Up

Memorial Day cookouts could cost you more this weekend as food prices continue to rise.  According to economist, food inflation is the highest it's been in two decades. Forcing shoppers to dig deeper in their pockets for their holiday bashes.   

Shoppers are flooding the supermarkets stocking up on all their Memorial day must-haves.  The price of an average barbecue with burgers, hot dogs, beer, soda and condiments could run families 6% more than last year.  The high food prices are even changing some menus.  Shopper Cindy Jones is changing her family's tradition of burgers to sandwiches. "Normally, we would do burgers cook out, but this year.. We're doing sandwiches. Something quick and easy. A little less expensive, Jones said.

Economist blame the rising food prices on lack of crops due to bad weather, economy and rising fuel prices forcing higher transportation costs.

Even with a surge of food prices shoppers say they will continue to go forward with their barbecue plans. One way they're cutting corners is going from name brand items to store brand.

That's one way Rene Ramirez says he saves money, but vows to continue with his holiday plans. "I'm always looking for a bargain. I'm going to buy meats what i normally buy any Memorial Day weekend" Ramirez said.

Grocery stores say they're doing what they can to ease the pressures of the food bill with discounts, sales and coupons. United store manager Clint Unger says "Trying to draw a lot of people in with displays in front of the stores. We're setting up a lot... Still trying to draw people in". He says they are expecting more people to be at the grocery store this weekend because of the high gas prices more people are traveling less

Last year, your typical barbecue menu with all the fixings of hamburgers, hot dogs, beer and soda was $55.60. This year your spending more than $60.00 for the basics.

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