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Dangerous STD Common in Panhandle

Dr. Brian Eades Dr. Brian Eades

An infection that could leave your teenager sterile is one of the most commonly contracted sexually transmitted diseases in the Panhandle. Chlamydia is often found in young people.... some just twelve years old.

Recognizing the infection is tricky because symptoms do not always show up right away, if at all. 

Dr. Brian Eades, an OB/GYN says "you can be exposed and not have the infection for a couple of days and once you develop it, the symptoms can come immediately or it can be weeks before you notice anything."

Symptoms to watch out for are discharge, fever, and abdominal pain. If the infection goes untreated, conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease and even sterility could develop.

But more than that, Dr. Eades says there is another dramatic consequence. He says, "one of the most severe consequences is it messes with relationships and your head and ruins families and marriage and relationships."

Eades says the most effective means of preventing your teenager from contracting Chlamydia is to simply talk to them.

And also for teenagers to question each other when they see friends engaging in sex with several different people.

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