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Palo Duro Canyon Becoming More Texan

Randy Ferris, Palo Duro Canyon Park Director Randy Ferris, Palo Duro Canyon Park Director

Many people are staying closer to home this Memorial Day weekend because of the rising cost of gas.

A year ago, the canyon would have been full but only half of the campers would have been Texans.

This year a campsite in Palo Duro Canyon is nearly 75 precent full with people who stayed in Texas for their Memorial Day travel plans.

Normally the state park is only half full with Texans and half from out of the state.

Park officials think there's one big reason why so many more Texans are flowing to the canyon.

"The only thing I can pin it on is gas prices. Some of the bigger rigs are 4-50 for diesel and 3-80 for regular is gonna shorten those routes quite a bit," said Randy Ferris, the park director

We found several locals who stayed in the panhandle because of gas prices.

"It's near four dollars a gallon almost it's just an affordable way. It's right down the street from where we live," said Katy Dearman of Canyon.

There is still the occasional out of stater, but even they are having a harder time making the trek and may not come back next year.

"Probably not... the price of gasoline is just getting too high we'll burn 700 gallons of gasoline out and back it's just getting longer as we get older," said Bill Gaillard who lives in Florida.

Right now in the park the largest populations are from Amarillo and Lubbock, just showing you people aren't traveling too far this memorial day weekend.

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