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Highland Park ISD Program to Stop Drug Use in Schools

Rayia Keys Rayia Keys

When it comes to your kid's future, it's never too early to warn them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. That's the motto of Highland Park ISD, which held it's annual Health Day Thursday afternoon.

The program aims at educating kids in elementary school, and the Health Day coordinator Terry Brax says even the littlest participants benefit. "So that's what we're trying to do is educate our kids younger so that way you know if they are exposed to it they will make wise choices and hopefully not do the drugs and alcohol."

Rayia Keys is one of the program's success stories...she started in elementary with Health day and now takes part in Highland Park High School's drug free program. "It taught me don't get involved with drugs because they lead to bad things. It's had a positive impact on me. It's kept me away from people. It's taught me how to sniff out kinda who does drugs and whose been around it."

Highland Park High School's drug-free program is called Defy It. More than seventy-five percent of the school's students have signed a pledge to remain drug free. The program has been around since 2005.

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