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Medicare Patients Struggle to Find Physicians

Dr. Sheryl Williams Dr. Sheryl Williams
Dr. Brian Eades Dr. Brian Eades

Physicians are closing their doors to new Medicare patients and the problem is expected to get worse this summer.

Newschannel 10 spoke with two physicians who say if proposed payment cuts are not stopped there will be an epidemic.

This July physicians are expected to receive a 10% payment cut. Pushing Medicare payments far below the cost of providing care for people 65 and older.

Local physician Dr. Sheryl Williams, M.D. who is closing her private practice says she is handing out lists of doctors for her patients to call but many practices in town are full.

"If all else fails call the County Medical Society because they can tell you who is taking new patients in town and who is not," says Williams.

Another local doctor Dr. Brian Eades, M.D. says people who are nearing 65 should prepare by contacting a good physician now.

"I would make sure I had a good productive relationship with a physician who isn't on the verge of retirement. I would make sure you have plenty of family support. I would focus on preventative care so that you're ready you need emergency care it the future to make it more difficult to get.

Dr. Eades who is also an Amarillo City Commissioner says the city is ready to provide assistance to local seniors if the shortage of physicians gets out of control.

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