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"Smart" Car...Some Say It's A Smart Choice

Donovan Morgan, Smart Car Owner Donovan Morgan, Smart Car Owner

As gas prices continue to soar the European made "Smart Car" is beginning to show up on the roads of the Panhandle.

Newschannel 10 spoke with a Smart Car owner who is leaving his diesel pickup at home and opting to drive what he says is a smarter choice.

An average of 40 miles to the gallon sounded pretty good to Donovan Morgan as gas prices climb closer to four dollars.

"I just drive it everyday because of the economy and I stop and pull up and it costs me $25 to $28 to fill up where I fill my pick-up one time and it's $136," Morgan says.

Despite its small frame the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety awarded the Smart car top marks for crash-test safety.

Amber Mills of Smart car Dallas says,"The most important safety feature is the tritium safety cell. The car is actually built like a racecar in that has a roll cage that completely surrounds the car and it's made with a high density steel that Mercedes uses in their vehicles so it's very very very durable," she says.

Donovan says,"With the safety factors in this car I have no problem. I mean I drove it all the way to Dallas and keeping up with traffic going up the north Dallas tow-way and I looked down and I was running 80 miles an hour with the rest of traffic."

Since there are no local dealerships at this time, all servicing for the Smart Car must be done out of town.

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