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Alex Wooten, Homeowner Alex Wooten, Homeowner
Emmitt Aubrey, Amarillo Director of Utilities Emmitt Aubrey, Amarillo Director of Utilities

A severe sewage back-up in south Amarillo has at least one homeowner at odds with the city.

Three houses on Matador Trail in south Amarillo all experienced a homeowner's nightmare.

Sewage was flowing into their houses and there was nothing they could do to stop it, leaving each house a disaster zone.

"In order to clean it properly my cabinets will have to be pulled out my floors will have to be pulled up my kitchen is like a sponge," said Alex Wooten who wants the city to be responsible for all the damage in his house.

But Texas state law says cities aren't responsible for damage done to private structures.

Wooten has turned down an Amarillo project that could at least clean-up his house.

The Wastewater Early Removal Effort is a city project that will clean sewage back-up in your home immediately and for free.

"The contractor knows what they're up against they know what they have to do to get out there because they are on contract with the city to do this kind of work and they can be called after hours or on weekends to come in and begin the clean-up work," said Emmitt Aubrey, the Amarillo Director of Utilities.

Until state law changes homes that get flooded by city mistakes

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