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Protect Your Title

You could be responsible if someone else commits an offense in your old car. Texas Department of Transportation wabt to inform consumers that they need to complete their paper work once their vehicle is bought or sold the seller will continue to be listed as the vehicle's official owner and will remain liable for offenses associated with the vehicle.  There is a new option:  A new law is in affect that allows you keep you old plates for your new car you can transfer them over for $5. 

If you decide to not do that TxDOT urging consumers not to overlook the paperwork of buying or selling a vehicle because things can go wrong.  Criminal activity, parking or speeding violations can come back to haunt you. TxDOT Information Officer Paul Braun encourages drivers to never assume your car title is in the clear. Braun says, "You should follow all the rules to that because if you don't. The new buyer does criminal activity, toll booths speeding. That's still in your name".

They want everyone to be aware when selling your car transfer your title as soon as possible. If not state officials say there are consequences. Motor Vehicle Manager Lisa Bledsoe says, "They will accumulate fees. Those fees range from $25 a month for not coming in. Also sales tax penalties as well".

Driver Marty Cannon agrees, "I think you should face penalties because your driving under someone else's name".

Some may thing going to the Motor Vehicle Department and standing in line may not be your favorite thing to do, but it can save you a lot of time and money for the seller and buyer.

"The best way is for both the seller and buyer to come down to the tax office and do the transfer that benefits the seller and buyer", explains Bledsoe.

If the buyer and seller are unable to make their way to the Tax office. The seller can file the transfer notification free online.

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