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Water Main Break Runs for Hours

An Amarillo resident says the city didn't follow its own advice, to conserve water, by letting water run from a broken pipe for nearly 16 hours.

Officials estimate nearly a thousand gallons of water ran out into the street overnight... From a busted water line in the 4600 block of hayden.

The line wasn't fixed till around nine this morning.... Officials say they knew what they were doing... But some residents are still questioning their decisions.

Michelle Webster, who lives by the break says, "They care about the water they say, or saving water, but they didn't show up."

Didn't show up for 16 hours in fact. When we went to the city to see why the water issue wasn't fixed they said it was a matter of priority.

See, the city was also dealing with another water main break in a different section of town.

Flyod Hartman with the City of Amarillo says, "Supervisor went and anaylized both and we responded crews to the worst water main break."

Hartman says that break was interrupting customers and was more extensive than the one at Webster's house... That's why the leak wasn't fixed sooner.

He stresses that some parts of town need water main repairs... And those area's will see more breaks than others.

Hartman says, "We have targeted downtown because there have been numerous breaks downtown. But some other areas, older neighborhoods where there are 2 inch mains."

Hartman says they have made a proposal for half a million dollars to have the pipes fixed. Hartman says there are on-call technicians 24 hours a day. City representatives ask residents to call 378-3019 if you see a leak so it can be taken care of.

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