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City Has Plan to Bolster Amarillo Workforce

Gary Molberg, Chamber of Commerce CEO Gary Molberg, Chamber of Commerce CEO

The low unemployment rate in Amarillo sounds positive, and it is, but there's a downside too. It's very simple...too many job openings and not enough people to fill them.

The Chamber of Commerce, along with the Amarillo Economic Development Commission, and many other organizations all over the city are teaming together to solve the problem. "We're working very closely with the counselors at our schools to tell these kids when they reach their senior level, hey - there's job opportunities out there for you," says Chamber of Commerce CEO Gary Molberg.

So, what kind of jobs can kids without a college diploma do around Amarillo? Molberg says, you name it, it's out there. Everything from plumber to carpenter to truck driver to working in a restaurant or retail. They're reaching out to the college graduates too...hoping they use their talents right here at home.

"Even the four year degree students that are gradauting we don't want them to get that degree from West Texas A&M and head off to Dallas, Austin, other cities to work. Let these kids know there are opportunities for you in Amarillo, Texas. The city set up a shadow program, which pairs up interested students with city employees to let them see what the jobs are like. Four of those students involved in the shadow program currently have jobs with the city.

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