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Water Main Break Loses Hundreds of Gallons

Floyd Hartman, City of Amarillo Floyd Hartman, City of Amarillo

Water streams from an Amarillo alley all night... And some residents are questioning, why with voluntary conservation under way, was the water allowed to flow from a broken pipeline for so long.

An upset resident called our studio around 10 last night... Saying water had been flowing in the alley for more than 5 hours... Wasting hundreds of gallons.

We went to the scene and saw water flowing steadily... But it wasn't a big brake.. Just one of the reasons the city says the pipe wasn't fixed till around nine this morning.

Floyd Hartman with the City of Amarillo says, "The factors we consider are customer service, how much disruption it is, safety of course, and comparison of the main breaks for which one needs attention quicker."

There was another water main break at the same time last night, and officials say they felt it was more of a priority, since it was disrupting customers.


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