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Getting to the Game, Costing Some ISD's Big Time

Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director

Five from our area will be heading back this weekend. But sending high school teams to baseball playoffs is costing local school districts more than they expected.

Gas is nearly 4 dollars a gallon.. And the cost of nearly everything else is on the rise as well.

With five winning teams continuing on week after week in the playoffs... The trips to play keep coming and keep costing.

Tex Nolan, AISD Athletic Director says, "Obviously we tried to write it into the budget, but the more successful you are, it's impossible to guess how much you are going to spend."

It's not just a matter of not knowing how much to spend... But how much costs will increase too. In 2005 amarillo isd paid 2.15 a mile, and in 2008, we are paying 2.75 a mile.

I spoke with officials for Follett and Dimmitt ISD's. Follett is paying 1.50 a mile... And Dimmitt 2.28 a mile... Up 17 seconds from last year.

Officials say they try and hold down cost... Eat at cheaper restaurants, share hotel rooms, ect.... Because they don't want to get to this point.

Nolan says, "How are you going to tell parents their kids can't go to the playoff games."

Nolan says it also hits hard when fewer people go to games... Because their attendance fee goes to the general fund... The fund athletics goes to when they are over budget... Like they are this year.

Nolan says they expect to make next year's travel budget over a million dollars... We were at around 700 thousand this year.

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