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Killer On the Loose

Minh Ngo, local business owner Minh Ngo, local business owner
Sgt. Randy Tenbrink, APD Sgt. Randy Tenbrink, APD

The Amarillo Police Department is making a plea to the Asian community today asking for any information linked to three armed robberies and one death. 

The Department tells me they need the Asian community to come forward with information linked to the three attacks.

Owner of a local business Minh Ngo says he is taking several precautions to keep he and his employees safe.

"I watch out everyday when  I get off from work. I look back and forth or when I get home I still look, I drive past my house first to see what's going on and take caution about it," he says.

Ngo says me he is also closing his dining room doors early before it gets dark and caravans with his workers back home.

Sargent Randy Tenbrink says all business owners should becautious. "What we want people to know is that if you own a business and you're approached after you go home with money, we're not going to tell somebody they have to give up their money but it's not worth giving your life don't resist give the money and call the police, " he says.

He says the suspects are believed to be asian or hispanic.

If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 374-4400.

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