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Protect Your Pets from the Heat

Dr. Janice Wolfe, Canyon Road Animal Hospital Dr. Janice Wolfe, Canyon Road Animal Hospital

The thermometer hit it's highest mark this season on Monday....96 degrees in Amarillo. You're not the only one who needs to cool off...your dog needs a break from the heat too.

If you're not careful, your four-legged friend could suffer from heat stroke. If your dog is panting wildly and foaming at the mouth, you could be seeing warning signs of heat stroke. Here's what to do in that situation, according to Dr. Janice Wolfe at the Canyon Road Animal Hospital. "The best thing to do is to throw them into the bathtub and put ice in the bathtub, and soak them in the bathtub with cold water."

There are things you can do to make sure that doesn't happen to your dog. Keep you dog in air conditioning as often as possible. Refill the water bowl at least two to three times a day with cold water. Always exercise your dog in the early morning or late evening...never in the middle of the afternoon. Lastly, make sure outside dogs have a shady place to rest.

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