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False Emails and Text Messages Ignite City-Wide Concern

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld Cpl. Jerry Neufeld

An email report of shootings on Georgia Street in Amarillo ignites city-wide concern.

But Amarillo Police say there were no shootings there on Monday.

It all started with an email forwarded by an employee at the Potter County Clerk's Office.

It claims there were three shootings along Georgia, one even involving a woman and her toddler.

The Amarillo Police Department has no reports of any shootings.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld says, "we have gone through the email and talked to the Potter County Clerk's Office. 90 percent of the email is not true."

Neufeld says the only part of the email that is true is where it says there were shots fired near the Bryan Place Apartments at I-40 and Georgia.

But that happened more than two weeks ago.

The police department and the NewsChannel 10 newsroom have been flooded with phone calls all afternoon with people concerned about these rumors.

Police say any time you get an email or text message like this, verify it with law enforcement before passing the message on.

From the Amarillo Police Department:

There is an e-mail circulating around town of shootings that have occurred on or near Georgia Street. The e-mail even states there was a shooting today at the Market Street United. This e-mail is completely false. Please forward this to everyone you know so we can try to eliminate some of the mass panic and confusion that is occurring.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld
Crime Prevention Unit

The following is one of the original emails that started the shooting rumors:

Please use caution if you must travel on Georgia Street . There have been 3 shootings aimed at innocent drivers along that street. One along I-27 and Georgia that almost struck a young woman traveling with her toddler. One along I-40 and Georgia around Bryant Place Apts. And today around Market Street United.

Police are trying to find out who this person or people are. Some seem to think it may even be gang related. None of the victims have been hurt and do not seem to be related incidents.

Please use caution. They seem to be shooting at random cars or buildings. Pass along to everyone you know.

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