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Sherwood Forest FAQ and Discount Offer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are some good, fast growing shade trees for this area?

A. Shademaster, Locust, Lacebark Elm, Fruitless Mulberry, Cottonless Cottonwood and Sycamore.

Q. When can I plant trees?

A. The best time to plant is the fall and winter. You can plant year round, but the tree is dormant in the winter season, so there is less chance of stress on the tree.

Q. Do I need to water trees more than my normal watering schedule for grass?

A. When trees are planted, they should have a good, deep soak to help with settling. After that, they should get enough water from your regularly scheduled watering. If the leaves begin to turn, then they are not getting enough water. You may need to put a hose on them for 24 hours for a good, deep soak. The trees should not set in water, though. If you have a concern of over watering or under watering, contact us and we can have someone take a look at your watering schedule and trees.


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