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Kelley Sprinklers Information

Company Biography:

            Chris Kelley is the owner of Kelley Sprinklers and Lawn. My goal as a Irrigation contractor is to help preserve one of our most precious resources. Water is something we just can't afford to waste. With a properly installed irrigation system you can save so much time, money and water. Here are some things to think about:

  • l When starting up your sprinkler system for the first time in the spring, take some time and make sure everything is spraying where it needs to be spraying - on the grass and as little on the concrete as possible.
  • l If you notice you have a leak in the system, get it fixed as soon as you can. Leaks can waste so much water and it can kill the lawn if you don't attend to the leak.
  • l Properly mowing the lawn every week will also help in keeping the grass looking more beautiful.

            If you have any more questions about how to properly install a sprinkler system or about lawn care, please give Chris Kelley a call at 806-341-5127.

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