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How Does Gasoline get from the Ground to Your Gas Tank?

Chances are that when you are filling up your gas tank you're probably thinking about how much it's costing you, not where the gasoline came from.

It's a four step process. First, a hole several thousand feet deep is dug by oil rig workers. After the hole is drilled at the rig, next comes a pumpjack to bring the oil to the surface. From there, it goes to a refinery where it's where it's separated and cleaned up. Final stop...your gas tank. This whole process, from hole in the ground to in your tank, can take anywhere from three weeks to several months, depending on the quality of oil and distance it has to travel.

Workers at the rig say their days aren't easy. Equipment out on the rig weighs as much as 92 pounds per foot. Working on the rig is a labor of love... And it has to be...they work seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. But the workers don't seem to mind. One says "it gets in your blood." Another calls the rig his "million dollar Tonka toy".

As for why we are paying such high gas prices, when we're literally standing on top of the oil here in the Panhandle, workers say don't look to them for an answer.

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