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Some Gas Stations Needing Upgrades

You could be footing the bill for an upgrade at several gas stations in our area.

That's because their pumps aren't made to charge more than $3.99 a gallon, so a kit to extend prices will have to be installed.

Lcal gas station owners like Jim Hayhurst never thought gas would go this high... In fact, he remembers buying a kit to make his machines go over 49 cents a gallon.. But he says taking on that cost is nothing like taking on this one.

Some gas station owners have the luxury of being the station in town. So they can pass the cost on to customers... But with lots of competition in Dumas, Hayhurst says he has no option but to absorb the price out of his profits.

Hayhurst says, "We have to stay competitive with the convenience stores. We don't make much on our fuel. We just enjoy waiting on our customers."

He says waiting on the customers has always been the priority... Since buying the station in the sixties.

In that time, Hayhurst says he has bought several kits to keep his pumps working... But with gas continuing to sky rocket... He decided to spend a little extra to get registers, at about 700 dollars per pump, that go to $9.99 a gallon.. Hoping they will last longer.

A local suppler for pumps says all of his customers are being hit hard by the change.

Fred Snyder, with Willborn Bros. Co. says, "I can tell you that there are many fewer smaller retailers then there were 10 years ago. And it's this kind of thing, this kind of additional expense that will reduce the number of small retailers."

Hayhurst says he just tries to give back to the community and make do.

"We're not really complaining too much about it, we are just proud to still be here."

The kits that reach $5.99 will cost owners between 600 and 800 dollars.

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