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Cocaine Is Apparently Getting More Prevalent

Cocaine use is making a comeback on the college scene, according to local authorities. And the reason why has a lot to do with methamphetamine.

Cocaine use has shot up in recent years in our area and it has local authorities on alert.

Last year, Randall County seized 95 grams of cocaine, while the Amarillo Police Department seized more than seven thousand grams.

The Randall County Sheriff's Office says as the price of meth has increased, the price of cocaine has decreased, making the drug more appealing to college students.

One narcotics officer says, "due to the price decrease, for someone in that age group, price would make a difference in what kind of recreational drug they're using."

The officer says while cocaine used to be the drug of choice for those hard core users who would take anything for a fix, it has now become more trendy, similar to the Hippie drug of the 70s.

Officers say pseudophedrine laws and more aggressive action taken against meth cooks and dealers have made meth a risky drug to even be connected with.

That is what drove up the price of meth and in turn lowered the price of cocaine.

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