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More People Pedaling To Work To Avoid The Gas Pump

Al Guardino, commutes almost three miles to work Al Guardino, commutes almost three miles to work
More Amarilloans are choosing to commute to work on two wheels. A growing trend that's saving people hundreds of dollars in gas. 
Al Guardino a Freshman Math Teacher at Tascosa High School says he commutes almost three miles to work. He says his turning point was two years ago when gas prices almost reached $3.00  a gallon and had avoided the gas pump as much as possible.

"The bike saves gas money and can be here without worrying about the cost." 

Guardino says riding his bike to work has other benefits as well, especially when it comes to his health and cutting down on pollution, and he's not surprised more people are taking the no gas path. 

"It's way past the point, when i first started driving it was 35 cent per gallon and to see it rise and the problem I have is it never used to rise like this. It used to rise a little bit and stay, but now it's almost daily and I'm not convinced anyone can tell me why that has to happen." 

Local bike dealers say business is thriving as more people choose two wheels to commute to work.

"An increase in a new type of customer. Somebody that is going to use the bike as a means of transportation. That's a new customer for us. That's one we're not used to seeing." said Hill's Sport Shop Owner, Kirk Hill.

Guardino adds people will be surprised at how much more they'll have in their pockets and with his savings he's now able to help his mother and family with his savings. 

For a long time we wanted to do that. You know what? We now can do it. We send them money every month because we are saving money. We are watching our bank accounts rise and we're watching us be able to help out family members so it's a blessing."

If you are looking to commute to work, make sure you talk to your bike dealer about safety and buy the best equipment. Also, map out the best route with the least amount of busy streets.
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