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Tornado Shelter Purchases on the Rise

Doppler Dave Oliver Doppler Dave Oliver
Linda Place Linda Place

The recent string of tornados across the nation has people in the panhandle taking action and creating a tornado plan. The hottest item here in the Texas Panhandle is something that you buy, hoping you never have to use...tornado shelters.

As of right now, Doppler Dave Oliver says we are under average for the number of tornados locally, but nationally, we have seen double the number of storms and twice the number of fatalities. That is enough to shake up Panhandle residents, like Linda Place of Amarillo. She says "I'm just real scared of the storms, terrified really." She was scared enough to spend thousands of dollars on putting a tornado shelter in her backyard.

Storm Track Shelters say place isn't the only one who's opening up her wallet. Already this year they've sold 170 shelters. That's fifty more shelters than they sold at this time last year. Although underground shelters are the best sellers, that's not the only option. Above ground shelters are available as well and Storm Track Shelters says it's a great option for those who can't easily climb up and down stairs. The above ground shelters are just as safe as the underground ones. They are built to withstand an F5 tornado.

Regardless of whether the shelter is above ground or below ground, the shelters run anywhere between four and five thousand dollars, but through a FEMA rebate, you could end up paying only half of that. The shelter manufacturer should have information for you about how to receive the FEMA rebate.


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