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Police Looking for Coins to Catch Killer

A killer is on the loose... And now police believe rare coins could be the key to catching him. 

Potter - Randall Special Crimes officials say 77 year old Max Stanhope was killed inside his home, after walking in on the middle of it being burglarized..

Now police have linked his murder to a previous burglary at the home on april 21st, when rare coins were taken.

Tonight they are warning residents about protecting rare items in their home, and what to do if you know the person who has stanhope's coins.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with APD Crime Prevention says, "One thing, they need to be careful who they tell, what they have. Whether it is a coin collection, art, or just cash, word gets out and word travels and unfortunately it can get into the wrong ears and that is where they come up with the idea that hey there is some money there we might be able to get."

Police are now looking for Stanhope's coins... And they are hoping someone in the community has seen the painted quarters and other unique coins around.

Officers say if you run across the person with these items... Do not confront them.

Neufeld says, "We wouldn't encourage anyone to confront someone, we would just ask them to be the best witness they can be. If they can detain or stall them in one way or another great, or if they think it is someone who may be prowling the neighborhood or something like that, keep an eye on them and call us. But to go and confront somebody, you don't know what their reaction will be."

If you have any information on Stanhope's murder... Call 378-9468.

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