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How To Harvest The Rain

Gordon Gabert, Boyd's Equipment Gordon Gabert, Boyd's Equipment
David Stebbins, harvests the rain David Stebbins, harvests the rain

Lake Meredith is setting a record low every day and water bills continue to rise.

Harvesting the rain is an idea that has been around for decades. But it's not as common practice as it is in other parts of the state.

"We do sell a lot of tanks to Austin area we have some lumber yards that sell our tanks and it's a more environmental people down there that think about it more," said Gordon Gabert, president of Boyd's Equipment.

There's one man in the Bishop Hills area who thinks about the rain a lot.

In fact he runs his whole house off of rainwater.

"I've got a metal roof it's two thousand square feet and with one inch of rain it can net me approximately 12 hundred gallons of water," said David Stebbins, who harvests the rain.

For most average roofs you can collect enough water for your garden.

A hundred gallons can make a big difference.

Some experts say landscaping makes up 60 percent of water use.

Harvesting just a little bit of rain can add up.

"If they pay some attention to the system and you can do it many different ways. I've got 36 hundred gallons worth of storage capacity but you could take a 50 gallon barrel and do the same thing and just hand water plants around the house," Stebbins said.

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