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Homicide in North Amarillo

Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes

An Amarillo man is killed after walking in on his home being robbed.

That's what the Potter-Randall Special Crime unit says happened to 77 year old Max Steven Stanhope.

Max Stanhope came home from a grocery store and walked in on his house being robbed.

Police say instead of the robber fleeing, he reportedly attacked Stanhope beating and killing him.

Police found Stanhopes body Saturday evening. When they were called out by relatives to check on the senior who hadn't been heard from in two days.

Officers are placing his death between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Now they are just waiting to determine what actually killed him.

" We do think he has some blunt force injuries to his upper body and possibly some cutting type injuries but we what to know for sure until we get him down there for the autopsy some time tomorrow," said Lt. Gary Trupe of Potter-Randall Special Crimes

An autopsy is set to be preformed tomorrow in Lubbock.

Officials say stanhope's killer could have easily overpowered the man and ran away. But the fact that they allegedly killed Stanhope instead makes him very dangerous.

"This is a very serious vicious crime to help Mr. Stanhope he was on oxygen and handicapped and to be attacked in his own home and assaulted and killed. This is just brutal and We'd like to catch this person before something else happens," said Lt. Trupe

Lieutenant Trupe says because of the severity of this crime he thinks someone knows what happened.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Special Crimes unit at 378-9468.

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