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Rabies Danger

Sandy Burns, City of Pampa Sandy Burns, City of Pampa

An area town is trying to ward off rabies cases this year by taking extra steps to get pets vaccinated.

Six cases of rabies have already been reported in our area this year.

The City of Pampa is reminding everyone that getting pets vaccinated is the easiest form of insurance. 

A rabies vaccination is the only shot Texas requires of domestic animals because the virus can kill humans.

Despite a Texas law changing the requirements of the shot from once a year to once every three years.

Pampa's Sandy Burns fought to keep their annual rabies drive to make sure the active disease is kept under control.

"It's a public awareness you know. As a reminder once again even if your animal's not due it still keeps it in the back of your mind that that needs to be done and apparently by the turnout at the clinic there were alot of people not taking care of business and needed to get it done," says Burns.

A Pampa veterinarian says there have only been six known cases of a human surviving rabies.

Dr. Ron Easley says, "Often you never know if the dog comes home and smells like a skunk, you know he's been tangling with something, was there a bite? it's hard to know so it's just a piece of mind thing to know, well if he did get bit he's had his shots, so."

All pets are recommended to get the rabies vaccination especially those in the country where they are likely to come in contact with wild animals.

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