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BBB Warns of Myanmar Scams

You may be wanting to help the situation in Myanmar, But this evening the Better Business Bureau is warning residents to not hand over donations to just anyone.

The BBB is offering eight tips to ensure your aid goes to the right people.

They are:

1) Rely on Expert Opinon when it comes to evaluating a charity.

2) Find out if the charity has an on the ground continuing presence in Myanmar.

3) Find out who will benefit in Myanmar and what type of assistance they will be provided.

4) Be wary of claims that 100% of donations will assist Myanmar victims.

5) Find out if the charity is providing direct aid or raising money for other groups that are active in Myanmar.

6) Be cautious of giving online.

7) Gifts of clothing food or other in kind donations are not recommended.

8) If tax deduction is a concern, donate domestically.

For other information, visit the BBB at

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