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Low Cost Groceries For All

More than 13,000 people are in need of food assistance in the Panhandle. Amarillo organizations say a lot of people aren't aware of the food assistance out there in the community. Even if you don't qualify for state or federal assistance, you can still get groceries at reduced price. Food Bank Representative Zack Wilson says, "Not knowing where to go... That's what we're here for and a lot of organizations in the area are here for.

More than 10 organizations and 70 churches in Amarillo who have food assistance programs available to anyone. One of those is Cornerstone Outreach Center. Director of Cornerstone Outreach Center Joe Kirkwood says, "Any individual regardless of income can come to cornerstone . And it's a box of food for $25".

Organizers say the number of those in need is growing daily.  "Because of harder times rising costs. We are planning to see that more and more... To where people need help to the next paycheck, " Wilson explains 

Surprisingly they are some people don't come forward for food because of pride. Wilson explains, "One thing that may hinder a person family from seeking help. The of the possibility of the shame factor".

Kirkwood wants the community know his program is open to all. He says, "It's for anybody whether your rich or poor. It's just a wise decision to save your food dollar". If your still apprehensive about purchasing a box from Cornerstone,  a portion of the proceeds of the boxes purchased go back to feeding the hungry. "Not only is it saving you money but your helping someone less fortunate buying food from manna ministries. Just a wonderful deal," Kirkwood explains.  A deal that is open to anyone in the community.


AWARE PROGRAM- 202 S. Louisiana   376-4071

CONERSTONE OUTREACH CENTER- 1111 N. Buchanan   381-2131

BETHESDA OUTREACH- 1101 Panhandle Blvd.   381-0368

BUCHANAN COMMUNITY CENTER- 1515 S. Buchanan   374-1252

PEOPLE'S CHURCH- 801 Tascosa Rd.   342-4835


ALAMO CENTER- 1502 S. Cleveland   373-0392

HILLTOP CENTER-1300 N. Hughes   376-5947

SALVATION ARMY- 400 S. Harrison   373-6631

WASHINGTON ST. FAMILY SERVICE CENTER- 4002-B S, Washington   352-1307

HIGH PLAINS FOOD BANK- 801 S. Ross   374-8562

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