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Tire Code to Keep Your Family Safe

Brandon Lee, Lang Tire and Auto Brandon Lee, Lang Tire and Auto

You may not know how old your tires are... But that little fact could be putting your family at risk on the road.

It's called a DOT code - but few people know how to decode it or where to even find it.

Shane Carter says he bought his tires about 6 months ago... But the DOT code shows the tires are actually two years old.

He says more consumers need to be aware of how to understand their DOT code.

Carter says, "I think that would be a lot easier if they put the date, February whatever when they were made."

Here is how the code breaks down.

Brandon Lee with Lang Tire and Auto says, "The last four digits of the dot number indicate, the first two are the week the tire was built the last two are the year that the tire was built."

Some tires are still being inscribed inside the tire... But there is a big push to have all on the outside... To make consumers more aware than they are now.

"On average there is not, nobody ask about the DOT number or anything." Lee says.

Tires begin to break down and dry out after five years... But lee says keep in mind, not all tires will last five years from the date.

He says even if you think your tires still make the grade... Have them checked out... Because it could put you in danger.

"You run a big risk, the tire could come apart on you as you go down the road, cause a rollover."

Lee says there are outward appearances that your tires are wearing.... If they dry out, wear down on tread, or start cracking... It's time for a change.

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