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Jet Fuel Prices Soar...So Do Airline Tickets

April Kidd April Kidd
Craig Sparks Craig Sparks
Melissa Neusch Melissa Neusch

The cost of jet fuel is skyrocketing and flyers are now having to pay the price.

Airlines like American and United are raising their prices to try to cope with nearly a 90% jump in fuel costs since last May.

Newschannel 10 went to the Rick Husband International Airport to find out how flyers are reacting.

A Pampa woman says she's noticed an $80 spike in a ticket to fly to California since the start of the year.

And now she is having to limit how often she travels.

April Kidd says,"It's getting to where I can't travel as much I want to go see my family and I'm just going to have to budget a little bit more to pay for the price."

A business man and frequent flier from Dallas Craig Sparks says his company is talking about limiting how often he and his colleges travel. 

"I fly at least once a week on average and I've noticed the costs are definatley on the rise, fewer flight options, seats are full, and it's becoming more of a challenge to travel. I think we're going to have to be more intellegiant about when we make decisions to travel and combining trips, questioning when people need to go to a particular location adn things like that."

The cost increase does not stop there. All airlines are starting to charge passengers $25 to check more than one bag.

American Airlines Supervisor Melissa Neusch says, "They'll learn to adapt to the second piece of luggage or they'll learn not to take the kitchen sink and just take what they need for that trip."

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