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Keeping Teens Safe on The Road

Creighton Baird Creighton Baird
Brennan Jones Brennan Jones

Friday and Saturday nights between eight and two in the morning are the worst times for your teenager to be out driving. That is according to the Amarillo Police Department.

Allstate Insurance says the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the most dangerous for teenagers. 16 teenagers die every day during those days.

Young drivers we spoke with say cell phones are a major distraction for them, but not something they want to give up.

Creighton Baird says "it really is just a big part of our daily lives, we want to be connected, texting and driving. In the passenger seat or wherever you are."

But the cell phone is not the only reason teenagers say they are sometimes distracted.  Brennan Jones says "another distraction is other people driving, we're paying attention to what they are doing."

Both teens say they wear their seatbelts and constantly pay attention to other drivers sharing the road to stay safe.

Allstate also reports more than half of the fatal accidents involving teenagers happen in rural areas like we have around the panhandle.

Agents say they hope reports like that serve as conversation starters for parents.

They also suggest parents set expectations for driving and consequences for broken rules.

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