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Caught On Tape...Animal Cruelty in the Panhandle

Randy Bouldin, Hereford Livestock Exchange Randy Bouldin, Hereford Livestock Exchange

A claim of abuse and neglect of downed cattle in the Panhandle Region is a hot topic for the United States Humane Society.

The Humane Society says they sent investigators across the country including here in Hereford as well as Clovis to affirm accusation of animal abuse.

The owner of the Hereford Livestock Exchange says the least they could do is tell him the news before it hit the press.

Randy Bouldin says, "Certainly they saw there was a problem or they felt there was a problem and I want to know why they didn't notify anyone about the problem they perceived and we would have delt with it. Certainly I think if anyone was inhumane it would be them.

The Humane Society says their goal was only to document the state of animal care and not single out livestock auctions.

CEO Wayne Pacelle says, "And what we found was that the cows were healthy and in other cases we have these cows languishing in a very bad state of distress and some degree of misery. And they should have been attended to in a much more rapid fasion. "

While the Humane Society says beef from downed cows may have made it to your dinner table Randy Bouldin says there's not a chance.

"The policy is not to handle any animals that can't walk and occasionally we do have those and we need to deal with them. Certainly we do not promote or try to get them in to the food chain. It's very clear that regulation that those cows to don't go to a packing house. And so I'm certain...100% that they did not get into the food chain. "

Bouldin did stress he will continue to treat his cattle with the same respect he always has with or without the cameras.

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