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Should More Corn Go To Food Production?

Dee Vaughan Dee Vaughan
Dr. Stephen Amosson Dr. Stephen Amosson

With the cost of food increasing, some in Washington are blaming ethanol production.

One local farmer says while a lot of corn does go toward producing the bio fuel, decreasing production would hardly make a dent in the price of food.

He says some are looking for a scapegoat. Dee Vaughan says "people have a tendency to look at this perfect storm and look for a target. And ethanol is an easy target."

The government recently mandated nine billion gallons of ethanol be produced. Now, there are second thoughts.

But Vaughan says something else is the reason food prices are so high, saying "the driver of all this is the price of crude oil. We're producing more ethanol in the U.S. than the mandate requires."

Vaughan says the bottom line is we are experiencing an energy deficit.

One economist says we have two options. Dr. Stephen Amosson says "part of the problem america is going to face is do we want to be energy dependent or do we want to pay more at the store."

Amosson says food prices will stay high as long as fuel prices are high.

This week, President Bush said only 15 percent of the rise in food costs is due to bio fuel production.

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