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About Backyard Adventures

The idea for Backyard Adventures started in Amarillo in the mid-1980s when Charlie Sammann produced a single swing set for his children. Soon, friends and neighbors were asking Charlie to build a set for them, and it wasn't long before Backyard Adventures became a business reality.

Today, dealers all over the United States and the United Kingdom represent the Backyard Adventures line. Each redwood and cedar play set is custom-designed according to customer needs, and includes dozens of play options -- swings, slides, rock walls, forts, lofts, sandboxes, rope ladders, gang planks and much more. A premium has been placed on durability and safety, so each set can easily accommodate multiple children at once -- even the parents, who see their Backyard Adventure as a great opportunity for family quality time.

Not only is each play set custom-designed; they are also modular, so the set can grow and expand as children's interests change. Over the years, a play set can be modified countless times to keep growing kids interested and engaged.

A complete catalog of Backyard Adventures play sets can be viewed or downloaded at www.backyardadventures.com.

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