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Backyard Adventures FAQs:

Q. How are Backyard Adventures play sets different from the less expensive ones I see at home stores and discount outlets?

A. The mass-produced play sets available at the "big box" stores are less durable, less flexible and contain fewer play accessories than Backyard Adventures specialty play sets. By contrast, Backyard Adventures play sets are designed and constructed with patented safety features for long-term durability, and dozens of accessory options allow for countless configurations - so no two are alike!

Q. I only have a small backyard, and it's not very level. Can I still get a Backyard Adventure?

A. Absolutely! Backyard Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and our certified installation teams can often accommodate not-so-level surfaces. Your local Backyard Adventures dealer can survey your backyard before recommending a custom design for your family.

Q. Is maintaining the play set a lot of work?

A. Your Backyard Adventure is virtually maintenance free. Just tighten the bolts occasionally, and to keep the playset looking like new, consider re-staining it every year or two.

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