Help for Single Parents

I don't understand how a single mother with two young children,
and full time job paying only 9.50 an hour can make a living. She has been
told she does not qualify for food stamps, because she makes to much
money, well by the time she pays rent 500.00, utilities 100.00, car
payment 250.00, gas and other things needed like laundry soap, shampoo and
such, she has no money left for many groceries,let alone if any medical
problems arise. Now tell me what is she to do, as for housing assistance
there is a 2 year waiting period. She is recently divorced and gets only
288. a month child support. I think it is sad that someone can sit on
there behinds and do nothing and get all the assistance they need, but a
young single mother trying to support her 2 kids can't get much help,
especially with food.

Carolyn Marquez
Amarillo, TX