Right-Of-Way to Dallas

Harry Marett
Harry Marett
James Isensee
James Isensee

A controversial water and power project had its first of five town hall meetings tonight put on by the Roberts County Fresh Water Supply District and Mesa Power .

Just one week ago landowners from Roberts County all the way to Jacksboro County, just outside Dallas, received a letter letting them know a joint right of way project is planning on running a power line and a water pipe through their property.

Tonight those citizens had the chance to voice their opinions with the company.

The room was full at the Irish Inn in Shamrock with concerned people who were hoping to learn more about the proposed project.

"Apparently from what I just learned they are going to go across one of those places with who knows what," said Harry Marett.

His land is in the way for the proposed 250 miles of lines that will pump water in roberts county and a power from a proposed wind farm in the surrounding area and giving it all to Dallas.

Texas law says a private company has eminent domain if the purpose is for public use.

This project has many people split

"It varies some people we've gotten survey permission tonight to go ahead and some people their not too happy to hear from us. But we intend to negotiate with everybody and aquire right of way in the least confrentational way possible," said project manager James Isensee.

Tomorrow there is another open house meeting in Childress at the Elks Lodge from 5 to 6:30.

For more information on this project visit: http://www.robertscountyfwsd.com/default.asp