Digital Cable Customers Have Signal Interrupted

All digital cable customers looking for local tornado warning coverage will instead see the weather channel covering up their local stations.

That was the situation Monday night when local signals were covered for 14 minutes.

We are only talking about digital cable customers, those with set top boxes.

Suddenlink officials say the technology on their digital boxes is limited, and only one emergency alert signal can be sent across the board, covering every channel.

So while a tornado may be on the ground in our area... The weather channel, a national network, may be focusing on some other region of the nation.

Pete Abel with Suddenlink says, "We don't want to be in a position of force tuning those boxes to choose one local channel over another, there is also the concern particularly that in a tornado warning, that if a local TV stations facilities were knocked out by the tornado, then that information wouldn't be available to viewers, so we do believe that the policies that we have in place right now are both consist ant with the laws we have to abide by and the best interest of our customers."

If you don't think the weather channel coverage is in your best interest... You have some options.

Abel says, "If a viewer doesn't want the forced tuning they can unplug their cable line from their digital box and plug it directly into their TV."

Other choices include: using another TV in the house that isn't connected to the digital box, checking the internet, using a weather radio, or tuning into a local radio station for updates.

Keep in mind, that the override will only occur on tornado warnings.

Not during thunderstorm warnings or just storms.