Research Shows Bans Keep Kids from Smoking

Amarillo isn't the first place to consider a smoking ban... Other area's of the country with bans in place are releasing their research about the ban and teenagers.

Researchers say teens who live in towns with strict restaurant smoking bans are 40 percent less likely to pick up the nicotine habit.

Antwan Deleon says having a smoke free environment would ease his mind about his kids trying cigarettes. "I worry about it a whole bunch. I don't want my kids smoking, it's a bad habit."

He isn't the only parent not wanting his kids around smoke. Leslie Bell is still 7 weeks away from becoming a mom, and even though she is a smoker herself, she's doesn't want the same for her baby, "I personally wouldn't want my daughter around smoking."

While some say the research inclines them to go smoke free, others say teens are going to smoke no matter what.

Prince, who tried smoking when he was a teen says, "Your average teenager smokes, and there is a lot of people around that want to fit in."

He says whether they see it in a restaurant, in the movies, or their friends doing it... Some teens will always feel pressure to try cigarettes.

Researchers say they believe smoking bans discourage smoking because teens see it as frowned upon by the community.

Though they say it's important to discuss it with your teens so their can make an educated decision as an adult.